Mobility Rental Service

Wheelchair hire imageWe rent wheelchairs and other mobility aids such as walkers and frames to the elderly, and to people finding it hard to get about from accidents or otherwise. We stock self-propelled chairs, along with smaller wheeled chairs for a member of your family or friends to push you in. All of our chairs are easily fold-able and lightweight to be able to put in a boot or backseat of a car. Our equipment is maintained by a member of our staff, and you are shown how to operate and fold away our chairs during your hiring.

The rental period is for 6-8 weeks, which can be extended for no extra cost if needed by calling the office. You then bring the chair in for a health and safety check. The chairs require a £12 membership, which lasts a year and also grants you access to our Transport service and Toenail Cutting service, and a deposit of £30 we hold until the chair is returned.

We can deliver the chairs to you at the price of £10 if required, or you can collect the chair from the George Hurd Centre from Monday to Friday, 10AM to 3PM.

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