Frequently Asked Questions


How do I qualify for the transport?
You qualify for transport if you are elderly or disabled and are unable to access public transport.

Does the Transport run at weekends or Bank Holidays?
Unfortunately we do not operate at these times.

Where can I travel on this service?
Our transport runs from the Basildon Borough (Basildon, Billericay, and Wickford).

Can I travel with a family member or friend?
Yes you can, but they have to join the transport as an escort and would have to pay the registration fee. Once this is paid they can travel with you and will not have to pay for their fare as they travel with you. This is only if you require an escort. If you want to go with a friend they would have to pay separate membership and fare.

When does transport run?
Our Transport runs Monday to Friday, 09.00 to 16.30.

 Can I Travel with my wheelchair or electric scooter?
Yes all our minibuses are wheelchair accessible, although they would have to assessed and a tag attached to the chair or scooter.


Can I have my nails cut if I’m diabetic?
Yes, diabetics are fine to be cut. For a list of conditions that we cannot cut, please see our registration form.

Can I pay for my cut by Credit or Debit Card?
We can now take card payments over the phone.

Do I need to soak my feet or use any creams
No you don’t need to do anything. If you have a specific towel or anything you’d like to use have that ready. The cutters will bring their own equipment anyway.

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